Living life fully and deeply connected is within reach

Coaching Christian women who desire to experience life giving relationships

Coaching Christian women who desire to experience life giving relationships

Developing life - giving relationships that lead to a fabulous life

A temporary stay in a place for the purpose of growing individually-together

Give and receive support in a community environment


Helping Christian women connect deeply with themselves, God and others.

We Sojourners supports Christian women who struggle building relationships. We do this through our monthly group coaching experience; because we know that developing our most important relationships is at the center of everything else we do.

We were created to be in relationship and when they are thriving the rest of life seems to flow a little more smoothly. Our mission is to give you the tools you need to be fully yourself so that you can build God-honoring life giving relationships.

No matter the state of your most important relationships, the right tools can:

The key is to engage with where you are at and know where you want to go. From there, it gets easier to build enjoyable life-giving relationships.

This guide is packed with stories & tools created for you because you shouldn’t have to figure it out by yourself.

Once I got these tools, I tested them and transformed how I experience my marriage, parenting, friendships and my work. They reinvigorated confidence in who I am which helped me to pursue relationships in a way that brought freedom in other areas of my life.

Now, it’s your turn to grab my book called ‘UNDERSTANDING CONFLICT’ and start your own journey to building relationships you love and are proud of.


Client Insights

Our Approach

It’s together in community that our individual journeys are most meaningful. Sounds crazy, but it’s part of the beauty of what we do. No two women will start or end at the same place, but to get further and deeper into our individual transformations we must do the work together, which makes our offering unique.

We use a group coaching model to take participants from struggling relationships to healthy God honoring relationships. Each month has a specific focus & touches each point in the process. Repeating the model multiple times allows participants to gain mastery with each part, so that they can successfully use the model on their own.

Our membership opens periodically throughout the year, so we suggest that you sign up to get on the waitlist so you don’t miss out on the next enrollment opportunity.


We Start with where you are at currently and then work on those vital pieces that tell us how we see and relate to the world.


Wisdom and tools are useful for giving us language around what we experience. So, we learn new things or perhaps go a little deeper with what is already known.


Play helps us to ‘try on’ possible ideas & narratives from newfound wisdoms in a safe space to see what works for us.


Finally, we take all that we gained and apply it to real life. Changing the way we experience our most important relationships.

Our Values

Our Commitment to support you is steeped in a few key components


We are a community that practices loving your neighbor as yourself. Exhibited in being good-natured, patient in the process and encouraging to each person right where they are at on their journey.


Learning new things is an invitation to be brave & courageous. This can be uncomfortable but necessary as we practice the skills that help us build better relationships.


We celebrate small and big wins so that we can remember them more easily. Then, no matter what comes our way, what we celebrate can support us when we need it most.

Relentless Pursuit

Dedicated to faithfully living out our individual values and beliefs that support building life-giving relationships.

About Me

Hey Neighbor, I’m Kristin

I wear a few hats here at We Sojourners. I’m a coach, a mentor and host. Most importantly, I am first and foremost a life-long doer of everything I teach. It seems I’ve taken the long road to understand and experience healthy relationships. But, Instead of allowing regret to cloud how far I’ve come, I choose to make it an opportunity to invite others in to offer everything I know so their journey doesn’t have to be as long as mine.

I’ve experienced God’s gentle voice describing me as a woman who has the father’s ear and unconditional love. This has been a life-giving message, because I grew up without an earthly father. But God made sure that I knew he would look out for me and show me the way. I have countless stories that helped me with 3 important components I’ve learned over time which has helped me experience life more fully.

1. How to know and be myself
2. Build conflict resolution skills
3. Understand and manage my emotions
My lack of skills in these areas caused unnecessary trials which I’ve had to learn to embrace so they could become my joy and so that I can share these learnings with others. My hope is that you’ll join me. There are many ways you can become a part of We sojourners, a place where Christian women relentlessly pursue God honoring relationships.

I invite you to click on the button below to get on the list and receive information on how you can join our free monthly calls, get valuable info in your inbox, or jump into our group coaching experience. I look forward to knowing you there.